The Thieves Next Door

Meet Seyoum, an aspiring filmmaker who struggles to make his first film. Just when he thinks he has succeeded, two individuals steal his work and begin to illegally distribute it.  Seyoum must do everything to stop them.  

The Thieves Next Door is a film that addresses one of the most difficult challenges many artists face constantly--piracy. It hurts both financially and morally when one's original work is being used without the blessings of the creator!  Therefore, all of us, as consumers must strive to respect copyright!  

While we can't stop piracy all together, we can inform society (consumers) about the detrimental effects of illegal copying and distributing on the works of struggling artists.  This is exactly what the film, The Thieves Next Door tries to address.  We must all acknowledge the fact that piracy robs the creative spirit of artists!  As individuals, we must all do our best to minimize its proliferation.

The Thieves Next Door is perhaps the only dramatic film that is fully dedicated to advocating copyright protection for all creative works.  It was personally funded and produced in Washington DC.  You will enjoy the DVD you purchase as it has extra features, subtitles, great production, good camera work, and more.  Further, it will help fund another film we're planning to produce.  It's only $8.00.  Order your copy today through PAYPAL.

Thank you so much,

Nikodimos Fikru.

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  • Genre:  Drama
  • Language:  Amharic with English Subtitles
  • Length:  45 Minutes
  • Price:  $8.00

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